The Life Bauxal II project, which will allow the demonstration of Paval- Refinal – Bauxal has been divided into 13 actions: 1 of preparation, 9 of implementation and 3 actions related to monitoring of environmental impact, dissemination and project management.

The project will last 4 years, from 01 July 2018 to 30 June 2022.

Project development

During the development of the project, the partners of the consortium will fulfill the following tasks:

Definiton of the prototype location

October 2018

Kick off meeting

November 2018

Creation of the website of the project

December 2018

Drawing of the Refining prototype

March 2019

A constructin of refining prototype

April 2019

Update of the LIFE KPI webtool (progress)

December 2019

First tones of Refinal

March 2020

Half of project

June 2020

End of the Refining prototype construction

Compliance with the Refining prototype startup

December 2020

Report about the optimization of operational parameters for refining prototype

Technical report for refining step

December 2020

Thecnical report for agglomerating step

Bauxal Technical report

June 2021

Technical report for milling step

September 2021

500 tons of BAUXAL along the Project

200 tones of Bauxal based refractories along the project

December 2021

500 tons of Refinal

150 tons of EU-Refinal

June 2022

Business plan

Life Cycle Analysis

Compliance of environmental LIFE indicators

Layman Report

June 2022

Final of the project

June 2022

Update of the LIFE KPI Webtool (final)

September 2022